Make Courageous Choices

Knowing your life purpose has a deep impact on how you lead and make choices.

It adds meaning to the context of your work and personal life.

When you set a goal you need to be mentally and emotionally connected to that goal to achieve it.

Engaging your life purpose helps achieve your highest levels of happiness, fulfillment and success.

Knowing your life purpose empowers you as a leader and in making the right choices with certainty in all areas of your life.

What is Deep Life Purpose ?
  • Your deep life purpose is derived from understanding how it came about.
  • This distinguishes your personal mission in life at a deep and profound level.
  • You can navigate through life with more clarity and certainty.
What Process is used ?
  • There are hundreds of templates for discovering your life purpose.
  • Dr Edward Kachab uses a system he developed from insights gained from coaching hundreds of people over time.
  • The process involves online profiling as well as a coaching session online or in person.
Who Should Explore ?
  • If you are an entrepreneur seeking a new business venture.
  • If you are looking to transition from your current role.
  • If you fear retirement or loss of reputation.
  • If you feel you are under achieving.
  • If you feel limited in your self-expression.
  • If you are looking to bring a deeper meaning to your everyday life.
  • Simply you may be someone who is curious.

Applying Your Deep Life Purpose

Bringing your life purpose into your psyche helps make decisions that create the best outcomes for you and for those around you.

A clear personal mission eliminates the doubt and gives you power over your intentions.

Life purpose is a fuel for overcoming fear to make courageous choices that give you personal power as you grow as a leader.



Programs are founded on
evidence based scientific
research and data.



Be empowered to lead at work
and in your personal life.



Action based programs to
embed the learning and
produce sustainable results.



Benefit from deeper
connections with work
colleagues and a more
collaborative workplace.