As Head Coach In Landmark Worldwide premier leadership program, Dr Edward Kachab has trained hundreds of leaders to speak publically in front of large groups of people.

He delivers powerful presentations based on his practical experience in the workplace, that he has accumulated over 20 years.

Dr Kachab doesn’t talk about theory; he speaks with conviction from real life examples and own knowledge insights.

Whether it is a Not For Profit, a Small Business or a Multinational Corporation, Dr Kachab customises his presentation to the working drivers of each type of business to connect with his audience.

At the heart of his presentation is impacting your team to action to make meaningful change.

Feedback shows over 92% of participants were compelled to take action after Dr Kachab’s presentations.

The Wisdom Lecture
  • This lecture teaches wisdom is not merely the application of knowledge but relies on the capacity for intuition, insight and a sense of knowing.
  • Dr Kachab draws on examples from legendary leaders such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King and the radical changes they effected in the world.
  • His talk engages neuroscience, and quantum physics for exercising wisdom more deeply.
  • And what you can do to develop this capacity for yourself.
Innovation and creative teams
  • Dr Kachab has been a life-long innovator practicing innovation in different industries.
  • With disruption and innovation becoming key business strategies.
  • Effective development of creative talent in organisations has now become paramount.
  • In this lecture Dr Kachab shares innovation examples from his own practices and personal insights he developed from years of leading creative teams.
The practice of Leadership at the Coal Face
  • In 2005 Dr Kachab started development of a medical diagnostic assay that could potentially disrupt the industry.
  • The pressure was high.
  • The Company raised funding from institutional investors, tight project milestones were set and the technical risk was high.
  • If successful the rewards were equally high.
  • In this presentation, Dr Kachab shares what it took to bring the project home and make it an outstanding success right from the start.

Please note: Also available as a 3 hour or full day workshop.



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