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Did you start this year by setting some personal or professional goals?

Maybe you’ve started by setting a goal to lose weight, most of us do at the beginning of the new year. Or you may want more work-life balance or give up an old habit that is no longer working for you.

You may want to be more efficient or productive at work. You may even have decided that this year you’re going to be assertive and you no longer going to say “yes” when you really mean “no” and feel regret afterward.

You may have just been handed a promotion and you are required to work at a whole new level of effectiveness as a leader.

Whatever your goal is. When you consciously set and committed to that goal, you would have been excited and filled with new hope and aspirations that this year you’re going to finally get there.

Some of you may be well on your way whilst for others, the year 2017 may already be starting to look a lot like 2016.


What happened?

I mean you really had some very good intentions at the start. So why is this turning out to be no different from the last time? As human beings, most times we tend to examine the circumstances and we usually develop a rational in which the circumstances are mostly to blame.

But if you were to examine this more deeply, you will find that there’s something else at play and it’s called your personality. Yes, it is your personality. This may be confronting to some you but I will explain this further.

Your personality is made up of how you think which leads to the choices that you make and the actions that you take or don’t take, which lead to the results that you get or don’t get and hence the experience and feelings connected to that result.

How you think often relates to your subconscious beliefs and perceptions of the world around you.

Scientists tell us that over 95% of the decisions that we make are subconscious, which we have very little control over. From an innovation perspective, this is your “business as usual” mode of operation. It’s basically your survival, old paradigm approach to living.


Achieving your goal from thinking in a new paradigm

It’s occurred to me that when we set a challenging goal or even embark on a new relationship or a new venture what we usually bring to this is our existing way of thinking (beliefs and perceptions) and existing cascade of choices, actions, and emotions.

In a business context, this can be viewed as thinking from an old paradigm for solving problems and generating business outcomes in a new paradigm. It rarely works. I believe this is the struggle that most businesses are facing today in the absence of innovation for dealing with uncertainty and complexity.

On a personal level, we need to be able to innovate ourselves (add value to who we are) by thinking differently, in a way that matches our goals and aspirations, leading to new actions and results.


The congruency effect

An access to this is to align your conscious mind with your subconscious mind for achieving your goal, which is a lot easier said than done but with practice, patience and persistence, it’s not impossible.

  1. You can make a start by working out why achieving that goal is meaningful to you at a deep and profound level. This allows you to put conscious and purposeful energy behind the actions that you take towards achieving your goal and to not give up.
  2. Believe in yourself and believe that you will accomplish your goal and put a structure in place to help you on your way to developing new habits that align with the person that you are becoming.
  3. Meditate daily. At least 15 minutes and preferably 30 minutes, visualising that you have already accomplished your goal and experience emotionally what that would be like for you.

Your brain will start to fire and wire based on the accomplishment of that goal and chemicals in your body start to be released that are a match to the attainment of that goal.

Now your brain and body are in sync (the congruency effect) and the more you assign meaning to what you are doing the stronger the “congruency effect”.

When your brain and body are in sync, solutions (the ‘how’) will come to you that will help you get to your goal. Your choices become directed by your future goal rather than your old beliefs and perceptions from the past.


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